Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Husband taking matters into his own hands

Oh, the Husband.  When I think he can't get any kinder, more compassionate and thoughtful he once again surprises me.  Husband is a police officer.  He deals with the scum of the earth, the worst of the worst.  He chases down pedophiles, and drug dealers.  He is one of the good guys in every sense of the word.  One of his fellow officers accidentally ran over a dog while they were on duty.  Husband goes to the scene of the accident to sadly find a deceased dog.  While protocol is being properly followed including sanitation to come pick up the dog and clean up the street, he takes matters into his own hands.  He picks up the dog and wraps it in his own jacket.  The dog has tags.  He calls the numbers on the tags and gets the owner on the phone.  Husband gently breaks the news to the devastated owners about their dog. 
Instead of having the owners come to the scene of the accident, he drives the dog still wrapped in his jacket to the owners 30 minutes away, in the rain.  If only I could always be as considerate, and kind-hearted as he is.  I am one lucky lady.


  1. Awww, your hubby is a good man...but that poor dog. Good for your husband being so considerate. And good for you for noticing. I think you're both pretty fantastic.

  2. Doing the right thing with care and compassion seems to be harder and harder for people lately! Bravo! The owners must have been extremely appreciate for the concern he showed to them!

  3. What a great guy. If that happened to my dog, I would truly appreciate that. I wish a lot more police officers were like your husband. Unfortunately, around here we just have a bunch of uncaring assholes. Seriously, last time my car broke down and I was walking to a gas station (didn't have a cellphone at the time), a cop pulled over to tell me that I couldn't walk on the side of the highway, and I had to walk in the sharp bushes with a huge, steep hill next to it unless I wanted a fine. I asked for a ride, and he said I can't do that and drove away.

    Yep, that's right.