Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Power of the mind

Alzheimer's disease has a way of surprising you.  Nonie has suffered with Alzheimer's for almost ten years.  When we think she is in the final stages, we find ourselves surprised.  Currently, she can say words, but not sentences.  She needs help eating, and bathing, but has enough strength to walk. 

I went to tuck her into bed.  Her eyes were heavy from the medications she took earlier to help her sleep.  She often suffers from sundown syndrome and needs the medication to calm her down.  I slowly walked her from the living room to the bedroom holding her hand.  She sat on the bed, as I lifted her feet and made sure her pillow was behind her head.  As I kissed her on the forehead and reached to turn out the lights she grabbed my hand, looked at me, then gently let my hand go.  She closed her eyes, and with her right hand made the sign of the cross says, "Father, Son and Holy Ghost."  She brought her hands together to say her prayers.  I couldn't hear words for prayers, only mumbles.  I could only imagine her prayer intentions. Once again, the disease surprises me and leaves me in bewilderment of the power of our minds.   

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