Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chin Hair Encounters

I was a late bloomer with the boys.  I had a group of very good guy friends, but nothing past that.  When I finally announced to my Mother that I had a boyfriend my sophomore year of college she was beside herself with excitement.  She couldn’t wait to meet him.
We arranged for a dinner meeting.  Normally a little rough around the edges, Charlie came dressed in his loafers, pressed collared shirt and jacket, trying to impress Mom.  Mom came in one of her sexy new dresses that hugged her curves.  She had a knack for fashion and was always dressed in the latest trend. 
“So Charlie, what is your major?” My Mom asked.
I watched Charlie lean in towards my Mom.
“One second, you have a piece of hair on you, I don't want you to get it in your food,” he said as he reached just below her chin, close to her neck. 
“Ouuchh!” My Mom screeched, getting the attention of other diners at the restaurant. 
“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t, uhhhh...,” Charlie was at a loss for words.
“Can you see it?  Pull it out?” My Mom requested.
Charlie hesitated before going in for the kill, grabbing my Mother’s chin hair.  He yanked once, twice, and then..
“There, I got it,” He said as he showed her the black piece of hair. 

I sat stunned and unable to control my laughter.  

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