Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is good

Something is wrong with me this week.  I'm over the moon happy.  Like ridiculously, overjoyed to be alive, happy.  I am a happy person in general, with the exception of when the depression cycle hits, but this is like a drug.   It does remind me of the feeling of one particular drug I may or may not have tried in my younger days.  
My gleefulness ceased when I  happened to come across a tragic story.  A Houston family returning from a family vacation in a minivan got in a tragic accident killing both parents and leaving two of the three children under the age of ten paralyzed. To read more on the story or to show your support visit

I took it as another reminder that life can change in an instant. As many times as life reminds me of this, I often take it for granted in my day to day life.   I might not have my dream job, but I have just about everything else I could possibly need and want.  Life is good and I am grateful. 

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